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Format Description

CJBZ-FM, B-93 is a Hot AC/Adult Top 40 radio station Targeting adults 18-44.

B-93.3 Lethbridge's Number One Hit Music Stationplays only the hottest and newest hits from artists like Britney Spears, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay Z, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Pink, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Down With Webster ,Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Nickleback and many more!

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bruno mars no 3dThe HOT/AC format continues to remain one of the most popular formats in Canada  playing a balanced variety of music from the 2000s' to today's hits.

There are 29,660,187 persons 12+ living in Canada. Of those people, 18% or 5,391,683 listen to the Hot Adult Contemporary Format.

55% of HOT AC listeners in Canada are married/living in a common law arrangement and 37% are single/never married.

In Canada, 72% of Hot Adult Contemporary listeners live in a household with 3 or more people. Canadian HOT AC listeners enjoy going out to music concerts & bars and restaurants more so than the average Canadian.

Hot Adult Contemporary continues to dominate it's target demographic across Canada!


Demographic Profile

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B-93.3 Lethbridge's Number One Hit Music Station is Southern Alberta’s Top 40 radio station.

Age:B-93.3 is the only Lethbridge radio station that targets outside the 25 - 54 demographic making it the natural choice for clients looking to attract customers while they are making life-long brand decisions.

B-93.3 65% of its audience is in the 18-44 age demo and is the number one station in its target demographic of Women 18 – 44. 

Gender:Females 12+ living in Canada favour the Hot Adult Contemporary format.

61% of Hot AC listeners in Canada are female while 39% are male.

70%+ of this consumer group falls significantly into the 12 to 44 age group.

woman office4B-93.3 has an average weekly central coverage reach of 20,000 listeners.

Education: Over half 55% of Canadians who listen to Hot AC music have a post secondary education.

Occupation: B-93.3 targets individuals who are employed fulltime in a variety of occupations including: owner, manager, professional, clerical, trade, skilled sales, and technical. 53% of these consumers work 30 hours or more per week and 20% work part time. 5% of Hot AC consumers are stay at home parents.
Source : Spring 2012 BBM. All Week Adults 12+, Lethbridge CMA.

B-93.3 has wide demographic appeal with consumers who have purchasing power!

couple shopping 17Income Profile

B-93.3 is targeted to reach active consumers in their prime income years.

B-93.3's listeners have high household incomes that are above average as compared to other Canadian households. Most have a household income of $100,000-$124,999

Income: Over 50% of Canadians who listen to Hot AC have an annual household income in excess of $60,000, while 30% have a household income in excess of $100,000.

The average Hot AC household income is $87,000 while the average Canadian household income is $82,000, a difference of $5,000!

B-93.3 targets listeners with purchasing power.

Spending & Lifestyle Profile

listeners have high household incomes and are above average consumers in these categories:

couple shopping 18Spent $40,000.00 or more on new vehicles in the past two years.
Spent $1,000.00 + on children's clothing in the past year.
Spent $1,000.00 + on men's clothing in the past year.
Spent $1,000.00 + on women's clothing in the past year.
Spent $1,000.00 + on camera equipment in the past year.
Spent $1,000.00 + on appliances in the past year.
Consumed liqour/spirits 4 to 6 times in the past week.
Consumed beer 13 or more times in the past week.
Consumed wine 4 to 6 times in the past week.
Entertainment: Attended bars/clubs 7 or more times in the past year.
Entertainment: Attends bars/pubs 5 or more times monthly.
Entertainment: Attended movies 7 or more times in the past year.
Attended sporting events 7 or more times in the past year.
Restaurants: Fast Food Dining 5 or more times monthly.

B-93.3 targets home owners.A huge category with these consumers is home improvement and home decorating.

construction 15Home Spending: Started or completed in the past 2 years.

40% interior painting/wall paper
36% landscaping or yard improvements
23% plumbing
25% exterior painting/staining
21% deck/fencing
22% energy conservation projects
18% floor tiles or vinyl flooring
21% other home project(s)
21% installed windows or doors

59% spent $1,000 or more on home improvement. 20% spent $10,000 or more on home improvement.

woman fitness3Investments: B-93.3 targets listeners who have high incomes and invest in mutual funds, stocks/bonds, retirement programs, savings accounts, etc.

Activity: B-93.3 attracts listeners who are very active participating in exercise and fitness, snowmobiling, ATV, downhill skiing/boarding, cross country skiing, boating, biking, golfing, gardening, hiking, and going to the cottage on weekends.

Canadian Hot AC listeners enjoy going out to music concerts & bars and restaurants more so than the average Canadian.

Get your message out to thousand of potential new customers each week with B-93.3

Here's Why B-93.3 Targets Women

woman shopping 11080% of all (male, female, and child) apparel purchases are made by women.
94% of all home furnishing purchases are controlled by women.
85% of all household spending is controlled by women.
50% of new computers are bought by women.
91% of all real estate purchases are influenced by a woman.
20% of home purchases are made by single women.
85% of all new vehicle purchases are directly influenced by a woman.
92% of packaged goods spending is controlled by women.
52% of all new vehicle purchases are made by women.
70% of travel decisions are made by women.
92% of all vacation travel decisions are influenced by women.
55% of wine purchases are made by women.
45% of electronics purchases are made by women, 61% are influenced by a woman.
90% of women participate in decisions about household investment and retirement accounts.
Source: Bridget Brennan, author of Why She Buys and recognized expert on women consumer behaviors and motivations.

Listening Patterns

woman headphones 3Only ONE station in Lethbridge plays Today’s Best Music. That's B-93.3!  

- 88% of Hot AC listeners tune in while in their vehicle.
- 67% of Hot AC listeners tune in at home.
- 25% of Hot AC listeners tune in from work.
- 10% of Hot AC listeners tune in from other locations.

Source: Statistics Canada.
Financial Post Markets Reports
Source: Nuneris & RTS CanadaPersons 12+ who listen to Hot Adult Contemporary in Canada

Wake Up With "Chad & April"


Wake up weekday mornings with Chad & April for all your favourite hits, news, entertainment and all around fun to start your day off on the right foot!

Middays:  Shamus Neeson takes you through your workday from 10 till 2 on B-93.3

lethbridgeryanseacrestapril2017Afternoons: Join Jordi Bott in the afternoon with more high energy Hit Music, timely information and audience interaction.

Evenings: Hit music weekday evenings with Ryan Seacrest 6pm-10pm

Weekends: Join DJ Kav Saturday nights 6pm -10pm & Ryan Seacrest with the AT 40 Countdown Sunday nights from 9am-1pm.

B-93.3 Is Everywhere

onair 1

B-93.3 is the voice of Southern Alberta with the most up-to-date local news coverage.

B-93.3 gives you vital information and updates throughout the day with our satellite precision weather.

B-93.3 is proud of it's role in the community! We help a wide variety of community organizations, including Toys For Tots, United Way, and the Lethbridge Food Bank.

Streaming:B-93.3 on-line streaming has on average 9,500 visits, combining for 30,000 Listening hours on average per month.

B-93.3 allows advertisers to reach a large consumer group that can’t be reached with any other station.

B-93.3 Coverage Map 


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