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Country - CHLB FM 

Format Description

Country 95.5 is a contemporary country radio station targeting affluent adults aged 25-54.

keith urban no 3dWe are the only country radio station in southwest Alberta and we boast the most live local news.

Artists: Listeners tune into hear artists such as Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Patty Loveless,Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, George Strait, John Michael Montgomery, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and many more.

The Country format from year to year continues to remain one of the most popular music format in Canada.

Over 3.8 million (13%) Canadians 12+listen to Country music weekly. On average, this group will listen for a total of 23.2 hours a week.

Country 95.5 is targeted to reach active consumers in their prime spending years.

Demographic Profile

Country 95.5 has wide demographic appeal with consumers who have purchasing power!

couple shopping no3dAge: Almost 51% of Country music listeners in Canada are 25 to 54 age demo with an average age of 48 years.

Gender: Country music listeners have a female skew.  64% of listeners are female and 36% are male.

Household Income

Country 95.5's listeners have high household incomes that are above average as compared to other Canadian households. Most have a household income of $75,000-$124,999

Almost a quarter (22%) of Country music listeners are earning a household income of $100,000 or more per year.

man 4

The average household income is $76,000.

-22% of Country listeners have a household income over $100,000.
-14% of Country listeners have a household income of $75,000-$95,999.
-13% of Country listeners have a household income of $60,000-$74,999.
-21% of Country listeners have a personal income of $40,000 - $59,999.

Almost a quarter (21%) of Country listeners are employed as Owners, Managers, or Professionals.

Country 95.5 listeners have high earning and spending power.

Lifestyle Profile

Get your message out to thousand of potential new customers each week with Country 95.5

Almost three quarters (74%) of Country listeners own their home and 41% spent $1,000‐$9,999 on home improvements in the past two years.

Spending: Country 95.5's listeners have high household incomes and are above average consumers in these categories: 

man keys-Spent $40,000.00 or more on new vehicles in the past two years.
-Spent $1,000.00 + on electronics in the past year.
-Spent $1,000.00 + on computer equipment in the past year.
-Spent $1,000.00 + on women's clothing in the past year.
-Spent $1,000.00 + on sporting goods in the past year.
-Spent $1,000.00 + on appliances in the past year.
-Shopped at a jewelry store in the past year.
-Consumed beer 7 to 12 times in the past week.
-Consumed spirits/liquor 4 to 6 times in the past week.
couple 16-Attended sporting events 7 or more times in the past year.
-Attended theatre/ballet/opera 7+ times in the past year.
-Attended Movies 7+ times in the past year.
-Attended Casinos 7+ times in the past year.
-Attended Bars or Clubs 7+ times in the past year.
-Restaurants: Fine dining 5 or more times monthly.
-Restaurants: Family dining 5 or more times monthly.

Financial Services/Investments: Country 95.5 targets listeners who have high incomes and invest in mutual funds, stocks/bonds, retirement programs, savings accounts, etc.

-34% Have personal overdraft protection.
-33% Have mutual funds.
-27% Have savings/investments over $100,000+
-21% Have GICs.
-13% Have RRIFs

golf 3

Country listeners are 12% more likely than the average Canadian to have more than $100,000 in savings or investments.

Activities: Country 95.5 attracts listeners who are very active participating in exercise and fitness, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, hockey, ice skating, snowmobiling, gardening, arts/craft, boating, biking, golfing, fishing, camping, hiking, and going to the cottage on weekends. These listeners dine out frequently, attend local and regional sporting events and concerts.

Just over half (51%) of Country listeners shopped at a shopping mall in the past month.

Marital Status

67% of Country listeners are married or living in a common law relationship.
19% of Country listeners are single.
20% of Country listeners have children under the age of 12 in their household and 19% have teenagers.
Source: Statistics Canada., Financial Post Markets Reports, Numeris & RTS Canada; Persons 12+ who listen to Country in Canada.

Country 95.5 allows advertisers to reach a large consumer group that can’t be reached with any other station.

Listening Patterns

Country 95.5 listeners are heavy radio users.

man headphones 147% of Country listeners in Canada are heavy users of radio and are 37% more likely than the average Canadian to fall into the heavy listening radio category.

Just over two thirds (67%) of Country listeners in Canada tuned into radio each weekday. This on par with television and out-delivering all other major media.

The majority (84%) of Country listeners in Canada tuned into Radio yesterday.

Country 95.5 is committed to delivering the best value for advertisers today delivering an audience in their prime purchasing years.


Wake Up With Brooksie and Gilian On Country 95.5


Wake Up with the most entertaining and informed morning show in Lethbridge with Brooksie and Gillian weekday mornings 5:30am to 10am on Country 95.5

Take Country 95.5 Where Ever You Go 

onair 1At Work: Take the Country to work. Country 95.5 is the perfect station for at work listening, in the field or at home. Join Cara Lee during your workdays.

Afternoon Drive:Country 95.5's Julia Piccoli during your drive home has the best drive home music, laughs, traffic information and news each weekday afternoon.

Evenings:Country 95.5 is awesome while you play too. Wind down your day with all your country favorites hosted by Casey Clarke and Roo Phelps every weekday evening.

Weekends: Take us with you while you run your weekend errands. Enjoy our "Anything Country" weekends plus Casey Clarke's Top 40 Countdown on Saturday morning 8 till noon and Sunday evening at 6pm.

lethbridge 100

Community: Country 95.5 is extremely proud of its image as the community radio station for Southern Alberta that actively supports hundreds of worthwhile causes.

News: Country 95.5 is the local news leader with hourly newscast weekday from 6 – 6 and weekend hourly newscast 6 – Noon. Our team is dedicated to representing Canadian family values, interests and concerns through its announcers, information, features, and promotions.

Agriculture: Agriculture is big business in southern Alberta. We have daily features like ‘Agriculture, Business & Commerce’ with the latest market prices, and ‘Call of the Land’.

Streaming: Our Country 95.5 on-line streaming has on average 11,300 visits, combining for 36,000 listening hours on average per month.

Country 95.5 continues to be one of the top rated local format for advertisers. It deliver affluent consumers with high disposable income.


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